My name is Frank Leon Rose and I’m a software developer in Brooklyn, NY. I make a point of appreciating that we live in the future of yesterday and that there are lots of great things about that. For instance, the set of ways for people to think and feel differently in the world and still be normal is growing. Oh, and a supercomputer in every pocket and cars that drive themselves.

I have published an iPhone app, ProMidwife (yes, my wife is a midwife.). I wrote and host the Alexa skill Capital Quiz for my own amusement. I am currently developing PixHerd to have photos forever.

I’ve written software solutions for clients Parvia (web store for modeling system), StoreVision (point of sale data processing), and KohnWorkshop (art). In addition, I have developed software at Droplets (co-founder, rich internet applications), Spheresoft (co-founder, custom financial software), Astrogamma (FX options trading workstation), and JYACC (call center information system).