I just published a new app to the iOS App Store. It’s called Pro Midwife. It’s a utility that is useful for anybody who uses the midwifery focused electronic charting software Private Practice℠. Check out the product page here.

It took 18 days to pass the app review process, including two metadata rejections. That’s only one week longer than the current average (11 days as of my submission – from reviewtimes.shinydevelopment.com). The first rejection was because the reviewer wanted a more precise explanation of how to create a test account. Rather than “Use any email address” I changed it to “Use test@futurose.com” and that was easier. The second rejection was for having a link (www.getprivatepractice.com – actually just a domain name) for Private Practice in my app description. Apple doesn’t abide by links that appear to be selling services outside of In App Purchasing. In fact, now that I think about it, it may have been the actual domain name that caused problems – that “get” at the beginning of getprivatepractice.com may have been too exhortative.